Precision Testing is a full-service valve and pressure equipment testing company. We perform 3rd party testing for end users prior to installation. We verify the integrity of the products per industry standards and end user requirements helping assure a smooth commissioning process.


We also perform post failure analysis as a 3rd party to help the end user and manufacturer determine why a product has failed. We can then repair or rebuild the product for re-installation or introduction back into inventory.


As part of regular facility operations for plant maintenance, we can assist in helping maintain your reserve equipment so that it will always be ready for use when they are needed. We will inspect, repair, clean, test, grease, and pack the equipment so that it can be stored safely and ready for use when needed. We will supply maintenance records detailing the life of the product and how it has been managed. Consider us a partner in managing and maintaining your equipment to the highest levels helping reduce downtime and operations cost.

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