Torque and Cycle Performance Testing

Precision Testing LLC provides a full assembly and test shop to help manufacturers complete their design documentation providing data for Validation and Verification as required by design standards. Several Standards require that the torque and thrust be measured on actual valves to confirm the design calculations and assumptions. Our facilities allow you to test multiple designs and configurations to acquire the necessary data for use in the design calculations. We can help decipher the test output providing meaningful and useful data. The tests can be performed at a wide range of temperatures and pressures.

Industry Standards

API 6D, API 598, API 591 and API 608

Also, a great way to show your customers how your products will perform in the intended service and why it is better than your competitors’ product. We will help you design a testing program to meet your exact needs.

Our equipment includes:

Electronic Torque Measuring equipment

  • Records torque curves throughout entire stroke
  • Maintain peak torque values
  • Used to develop torque curves and torque formulas. Also used to develop MAST – Maximum Actuator Stem Torque and point of yielding

Linear actuators

  • Precision input and output of linear thrust forces
  • Pressure transducers to record pressure input
  • Data used to develop thrust requirements for seating and un-seating Gate and Globe valves. Also used to find the maximum load for stem failure.

Rotary and Linear Actuators

  • A range of operators to actively operate valves while under pressure

Cycle Testing counters and controls

  • Allows for automated cycling to meet test requirements

High/Low temp temperature chamber:

  • 48” x 48” x 72” Inside dimensions
  • -100 deg F up to 800 deg F
  • Multiple Access ports to allow for external actuators or controls outside of the chamber
  • Fine control for ramping at specific rates

Heating Systems for wrapping large or odd shaped equipment up to 1000 deg F.

  • Accurate control for ramping at specific rates
  • Great for wrapping specific areas such as packing boxes

Data Acquisition

  • Real time data collection systems for Temperature and Pressures
  • Detailed test reports
  • State of the art systems and controls

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