Product Testing at Working Temperature Extremes

Precision Testing continues to grow and expand our product offering. Our new temperature and pressure testing chamber is installed and ready to go. The chamber is capable of working at –100 deg F to +850 deg F. The chamber inside dimensions are: 4’ x 4’ x 6’ which will accommodate a large range of valves and other equipment such as Downhole Valves.

The Chamber has several openings that allow for automation and other controls to be mounted outside the chamber, isolating them from temperature extremes.

The automated controls allow us to control the temperatures while ramping up or down at various rates.

Combining this with our other equipment allows testing to be performed with Liquids or Gases from low pressures up to 25,000 psi. We can add our cycle counters and torque measuring devices for even more validation data.

We have several customized tests upcoming and look forward to performing many API PR2 and other validation tests in the future.

If you have a need to test your products at working temperature to complete your validation and verification process now is a great time to call us and discuss how we can help. We have a full staff very familiar with international design standards and product testing. We can customize a test or perform one targeted toward a specific standard or industry. This includes doing destructive testing ie… blowing up equipment thru over-pressuring or over torqueing the stem to find the weakest point of failure.

We will supply complete reports detailing the results and provide certificates of conformance where required.

Performance Verification chamber –100f to +850f
and API 6A Appendix F PR-2 Testing
Performance Verification chamber –100f to +850f and API 6A Appendix F PR-2 Testing